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暑期通識課程“中醫及跨文化倫理課程簡介” 報名中(Deadline 6/26)

"Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Cross culture bioethis" will be offered from July 15 to 26.

To take advantage of the unique composition of the participants in the class, we would like to use Traditional ChineseMedicine as central theme to share the philosophy of holistic care in Chinese culture.  Everyone in the class will share the philosophy of medical care and the idea of alternative medicine and health care system from their own culture.  Learning the cross-cultural settings will further help us appreciate the ancient wisdom. The key of enlightening our mind in learning Chinese Medicine is to experience or exercise our five senses: observation, listening, smelling, discussion, and touching.  Therefore, various forms of experience learning are embedded in the class.

During these short two weeks, we have invited several experts to give lectures.  They have put a lot of effort in preparing the teaching materials. We are confident that this course will benefit both local and foreign students as they will have lots of small group activities. 

■This course counts as General education 2 credits

■Availability: 10 quota for NCKU students

■Apply before June 26

■For application form, please email Ms. Chen  jj81@mail.ncku.edu.tw,Ext. 75090。

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