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About Us

Founded in 1984 by Dr. Kun-Yen Huang, the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) College of Medicine upholds a firm commitment to the education of future physicians, who learn the craft of providing compassionate care through a curriculum embracing medicine as well as the arts. Located in the bustling metropolis of Tainan, the college has earned its status as the most respected college of medical education and health in southern Taiw

an. In an effort to maintain the well-recognized excellence of the medical program, the college asserts its goal to cultivate physicians as capable care providers, skilled problem-solvers, and influential leaders. The institution recognizes the gravity of tasks facing medical professionals and researchers today, and thus bases its education on the guiding principle of caring, while integrating important aspects of research and service.

The College of Medicine has 6 bachelor programs, 17 master programs and 6 PhD programs. Each new class of students brings diverse interests to the community, and the medical college embraces the variety by promoting education and activities in the humanities. Students experience the freedom to explore talents in theater or participate in elaborate productions with the Chen-Sing Chorus. In addition, the college sends students overseas to the United States, Europe and Europe and Asia, thereby supporting the collaborative exchange of ideas and expertise across international borders.

Our mission is to cultivate well-qualified medical professionals with honesty, integrity, and proficiency in teaching, research, and service in the biomedical sciences. We expect our students to have a life-long learning attitude and to respect the unchallengeable essence of science and humanity.

Approximate number of students: 2,200(Graduate and undergraduates)

Academic staff: ~300

The NCKU Hospital is the largest health care center in Tainan, with approximately 1,212 beds and providing health care services for more than 90,000 monthly patient visits. The hospital’s mission is to provide medical care to the community, provide clinical training and internship, and to promote medical research and development.

The Medical Library contains 119,819 volumes, periodicals, E-books and non-printed material, supporting the research, educational and clinical needs of faculty, students and staff of the Medical Center. Wireless internet connection is also provided.

Other teaching facilities include the Animal Center, the Audio Visual Center, and Cheng-Sing Auditorium.